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Cruise of Ship made of Plastic Bottles | On 14.05.2017 in Odessa

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On 14th of May 2017 in Odessa will take place Cruise of Ship made of Plastic Bottles by route length of 18 km on Hadzibeevsky Estuary from Altestove to Odessa.

Organizers of eco project Kirill Maksimenko and Dmitry Datskov originally planning to build 10 meters ship of empty plastic bottles. After their successful acquisition, construction and equipping of necessary elements. The ship starts its cruise on Hadzibeevsky Estuary in Altestovo area. After 18 kilometers of the cruise will be held live concert by crew of Calypso and friends.

Main Plan of Eco Project of Ship made of Plastic Bottles

- Collection of plastic bottles (in general it is needed least 2 000 half-liter bottles of water with lids)
- During 30 days get all needed materials and necessary funds for the construction of the ship
- Sell of two seats on board of the ship for special passengers - 500 US dollars per seat
- Press conference
- Start of the cruise at the appointed time
- Conduct online broadcast
- Successfully hit the beach and take part in a concert in honor of the eco project
- Announce a number of other upcoming projects related to improvement of environment - recycling and processing of PET materials (polyethylene terephthalate)

Total amount to build Ship made of Plastic Bottles is 1500 US dollars. For all donated money organizers will report in video, audio, aerial and portrait photography.

Cruise of Ship made of Plastic Bottles will take place under close supervision of national and local media.

Implementation of the eco project organizers want to draw public attention to problem of recycling of PET materials (polyethylene terephthalate). The unique nature of Odessa region which for centuries heals people from all over the world right now needs help. Main garbage are empty plastic bottles which poison not only the earth but also water. It is logical to mention that a man is composed of 80% of water so contaminating the water with plastic - we poison ourselves.

Organizers of Eco Project and Cruise of Ship made of Plastic Bottles

Kirill Maksimenko and Dmitry Datskov
Hadzibeevsky Estuary
Odesa, Ukraine

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