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Airplane Farman-IV made the first flight in Odessa

Airplane Farman-IV made the first flight in Odessa

Legendary Airplane Farman-IV built according to historical drawings of 1910 year finally made its first flight in Odessa and will be used for private flights and Odessa Air Show.

Over a century ago the famous pilot Mikhail Yefimov for the first time in Russian Empire made a public flight by Airplane Farman-IV at Odessa racetrack.

According to Odessa pilots flying the airplane is fine. Reserve of fuel tanks is enough for two hours and for takeoff it is need to accelerate speed to 45 km/h and have a runway length of half a football field. In the near future it is planned modification of propeller because it is not enough traction and relief at 60-70 kg body of airplane. In the original Farman-IV there was no aerodynamic wing - just oily rag so Odessa aircraft weights more but it is much safer.

Airplane Farman-IV is good for three passengers including a pilot so in the future when weather is good and warm couples in love may fly by retro style airplane and make a lot of beautiful pictures as from the air as on the ground.

Odessa Airplane Farman-IV History

The first flight of the biplane had to make in 2010 - a century after Mikhail Yefimov flight. At request of Odessa Aeroclub at Kharkov Aircraft Factory was assembled replica of airplane Farman-IV. Historically the airplane also was produced by Odessa Aircraft Plant "Anatra".

When creating replica of Airplane Farman-IV was used three kilometers of bass piano wire. The initial cost of the project amounted to 60 000 US dollars but since it was subsequently decided to put on the aircraft modern aircraft engine - the cost has increased by 5000 US dollars. Almost all airplane built by hand.

Odessa Airplane Farman-IV long six years remained chained to the ground as homemade machine because aviation authorities refused to register it. But recently the situation changed and the airplane could made its first flight.

Organizers of Production of Replica of Airplane Farman-IV

Odessa Aeroclub
City: Odessa
Country: Ukraine

Airplane Farman-IV made the first flight in Odessa | Aerial Video
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