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Gutsul Music Festival | On 27.11.2017 in Kryvorivnya

Gutsul Music Festival | On 27.11.2017 in Kryvorivnya

On 27th of November 2017 in Kryvorivnya village, Ivano-Frankivsk region will take place Gutsul Music Festival named after Vasyl Grimalyuk (Mogur) - Roman Kumlyk (Romko).

Gutsul Music Festival will be held in Kryvorivnya House of Culture and start at 11:00.

Musicians from all over the region of Hutsulshchyna will come to the festival to demonstrate their authentic musical art of Gutsul music.

Vasyl Grimalyuk (Mogur) - Roman Kumlyk (Romko) were virtuoso musicians who were famous not only in Hutsulshchyna but all of Ukraine and the world.

Vasyl Grimalyuk (Mogur)

Famous filmmaker Sergei Paradzhanov in 1964 invited Vasyl Grimalyuk (Mogur) with his chapel in Kiev to voice the film "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors".

In 1971 Vasyl Grimalyuk (Mogur) took first place in Moscow at International Music Congress and became his laureate. Then in Concert Hall named after Peter Tchaikovsky prominent folk musician performed his musical masterpiece "Morning in the Polonynia":

In 1987 in the famous Ukrainian Radio Contest "Golden Keys" in Kiev Vasyl Grimalyuk (Mogur) convincingly won the first place in Ukraine.

Roman Kumlyk (Romko)

In 1982 Roman Kumlyk (Romko) founded "Cheremosh" Chapel consisting of 15 musicians. He collected music and songs for the repertoire throughout Hutsul region including in Romania. From 1992 till now there are 5 artists in the chapel.

From 1992 to 2007 Roman Kumlyk (Romko) worked in Poland under a contract with Lublin Academic Culture Center named after Maria Turis-Latovskaya. During this time he took part in over 2000 concerts, worked with his chapel in Warsaw, Lublin and Wroclaw Philharmonic teaching Ukrainian and Hutsul Melodies:

Roman Kumlyk (Romko) played 35 different type of musical instruments. On the violin played on the right and left side and had a large collection of violins. American rectangular violin made by Hutsul master on base of the photo. Also he played accordion, piano, trembita, cymbals (the oldest of instruments over 100 years old), bagpipes, wheel lyre, trumpet of different models, drimba, floyary ordinary and double, Pan flute, clarinet, guitar and percussion instruments.

Organizers of Gutsul Music Festival in Kryvorivnya

Department of Culture and Art of Verkhovyna District Council
Kryvorivnya House of Culture
Kryvorivnya, Ukraine

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