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Nibulon Express Hydrofoils start navigation to Kinburnskaya Spit

Nibulon Express Hydrofoils start navigation to Kinburnskaya Spit

After 1st of July 2017 Nibulon Express Hydrofoils start everyday navigation to Kinburnskaya Spit
from Mykolayiv and Kherson via Port Ochakiv.

Nibulon Express Hydrofoils are Voshod type with capacity of 71 passengers each. One way trip from Kherson and Mykolayiv to Kinburnskaya Spit takes around 2 hours.

Nibulon Express Hydrofoils Schedule to Kinburnskaya Spit

Nova Kakhovka - Kherson - Kinburnskaya Spit
Hydrofoil "Nibulon Express-2"

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

07:00 - Kakhovka
08:10 - 08:00 - Kherson
10:30 - Kinburnskaya Spit

16:00 - Kinburnskaya Spit
18:00 - 18:20 - Kherson
19:30 - Kakhovka

Mykolaiv - Kinburn Spit - Ochakiv
Hydrofoil "Nibulon Express-1"

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

07:00 - Mykolaiv
08:30 - 08:40 - Kinburnskaya Spit
09:15 - Ochakiv
09:30 - Kinburnskaya Spit

16:00 - Kinburnskaya Spit
16:15 - 16:30 - Ochakiv
16: 45- 18:00 - Kinburnskaya Spit
19:30 - Mykolaiv

The pontoon pier on Kinburnskaya Spit is located about 10 kilometers from the nearest village of Rymba towards the end of the spit. Local passenger transport transfer tourists who arrived by hydrofoils to hotels, hostels, sport bases and places of rest and recreation.

Pontoon pier is 165 meters long is made of foam concrete. It consists of 6 spans and 6 connected pontoon bridges with 100-percent buoyancy and unsinkability margin.

The installation of a special pontoon pier made it possible to moor hydrofoils to Kinburnskaya Spit without disturbing the ecosystem and without harming the biodiversity of Beloberezhye Svyatoslava National Park.

Nibulon Express Hydrofoils Voskhod | General Characteristics

Length: 27.6 m
Beam: 6.4 m
Engine: 1090 hp
Speed: 60 km/h
Range: 500 km
Capacity: 71 passengers

Organizers of Nibulon Express Hydrofoils

Mykolayiv River Station, Kherson River Station
Kiev, Ukraine

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