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Wild Travel Festival | On 30th-31st of January 2016

Wild Travel Festival | On 30th-31st of January 2016

On 30th - 31st of Feruary 2016 in Izone in Kiev will be held Wild Travel Festival - the event dedicated to lonely and extreme travel.

During Wild Travel Festival visitors are plunged into the wonderful and exciting world of travel in wild forests, mountains and distant lands. Here novice travelers will find like-minded companions, listen to advice and get answers to any questions.

40 experienced speakers will share their experience of lonely and extreme-travel, tell incredible stories of how they lived in the woods, sleeping in mud huts, walked thousands of kilometers alone. In addition the program of the festivel prepared:

- Photo project "Wildness in Everyone"
- Presentations of exciting books and movies
- Travel - Market
- Different activities
- Workshops for children on the playground

Wild Travel Festival Program of Lectures

January 30, Saturday

11:00 - View video greetings and short stories from travelers who are now on the road.
11:30 - Sergey Kostyuk "In Search of India".
12.00 - Ilya Carenko "Iceland and Norway - the two hemispheres of another planet: how to see everything and survive".
12:30 - Nikolai Pufka "Walk on the world's most popular pedestrian route Camino de Santiago (400 km)".
13:00 - Nikolai Ivashchenko "Adventure Tours".
13:30 - Maxim Tereshchenko "The Curious Case of Columbia - from Amazon across Andes to Caribbean coast".
14:30 - Andrei Bozhko "7000 km towards myself"
15.00 - Dmitry Yaremkovich and Nikolay Krivoruchko "Luck Journey"
15:30 - Vlad Koval "The concept of geographical and financial freedom: three steps to the goal".
16.00 - Maxim Jabal "Expedition on motorcycles in Vietnam".
17:00 - Eugene Rafalovsky "Life in wild tribes of Africa".
17:30 - Dennis Moraru "Three weeks in forest without wealth and civilization".
18:00 - Alexander Kornienko "5 things I have to learn how to travel".
18:30 - Sergei Popov "How to see the world through running or 8000 km tracks of European heartland".
19:00 - Maria and Ivan Lisunov "33 days of free life. Georgia and Abkhazia - the experience of traveling without funds".
19:30 - Nikita Levantsov "Hitchhiker's Guide to Western Europe: 42 liters for 45 days".
20:00 - Peter Potopachin "Antopologiya of Transition. People, networks, traveling".
20:30 - Elena Kayumova "Traveling of office employees. Different variations and life hacking".
22:00 - View video greetings and short stories from travelers who are now on the road.

January 31, Sunday

11:00 - View video greetings and short stories from travelers who are now on the road.
11:30 - Katya Mizina "Creating a network of art-farms. How and why will it work for the country".
12.00 - Olga Sizikova "Vipassana - 10 days of silence in Malayan jungle".
12:30 - Yuri Pochtar "1000 mile bike ride in Balkans - from Croatia to Albania".
13:00 - Marina Gritsenko "20 reasons why USA is an ideal country for independent travel".
13:30 - Anastasia Kartika "Organik Armenia or 100500 reasons to go to WOOFing volunteering".
14:00 - Catherine Kobylianska "Journey - to escape from himself to self-remembering (India, Sri Lanka, Iceland)".
15.00 - Anima Aryliya "Reverse side of travel".
15:30 - Jaroslav Neverty "Africa. A look inside. Cultural mimicry".
16.00 - Elena Sokolova "Euro-Caucasian adventure. How to travel when there is no money but really wants".
16.30 - Dmitry Krivonogiy "Variability in travel. Canada - US - Taiwan".
17:00 - Pasha Nikitiuk "Freelance out of the tent".
17:30 - Tatiana Kalitina "Snowboarding as a state of mind and way of life (Italy, Alps)".
18:00 - Stanislav Vlasenko "Albania - a country of hundred thousands of bunkers".
18:30 - Aisha Borseitova "80000 words in 20 minutes and other life hacking for learning English".
19:00 - Alexander Voloshin "A trip to Rishikesh, the capital of yoga".
19:30 - Galina Todorenko "How hiking Iceland: space country for non-space tools".
20:00 - Alexander Captain "Travel on yachts".
20:30 - Ekaterina Usenina, Julia Puzenko "Adventures in Asia or 7 months of happiness for 700 USD".
22:00 - View video greetings and short stories from travelers who are now on the road.

Organizers of Wild Travel Festival

Wild Travel Team
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