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Sorochyntsi Fair | On 16th-21st of August 2016 in Velyki Sorochyntsi

Sorochyntsi Fair | On 16th-21st of August 2016 in Velyki Sorochyntsi

On - of August 2016 in Velyki Sorochyntsi of Poltava regiona will be held Sorochyntsi Fair - demonstration of achievements of leading enterprises of industry, construction, agriculture, trading and food sectors of Ukraine economic.

During Sorochyntsi Fair will be widely available products of industry, processing and agricultural enterprises, including food and bee products, clothing, footwear, fur products, textile products, decoration, gardening equipment, agricultural machinery, fertilizers, construction materials, pottery and more.

Two towns of masters provide complete understanding of traditional crafts and arts from all regions of Ukraine.

At Sorochyntsi Fair will work five scenes. During six days of the event organizers plan to held more than 200 large-scale events. Concert programs will be attended by music bands of Poltava and all Ukraine.

During the fair will be held theatrical performances of heroes of literary works of Nikolai Gogol which move around territory of Sorochyntsi Fair by real oxen cart.

There will be more than 40 workshops like basket weaving, beading, manufacture of wooden ware, ceramics, pisankas, amulets, women's jewelry, cooking national dishes, Ukrainian dance and more.

Each homestead will be stylized. For example in the estate of potters set pottrey wheel and hold an exhibition of finished products. At manor house held ceremony of Ukrainian wedding and evening sessions.

Already this year about their willingness to participate in Sorochyntsi Fair confirmed countries such as Vietnam, India, Latvia and Belarus.

Sorochyntsi Fair Tickets

Adult and children tickets: free of charge

Sorochyntsi Fair of Poltava Region

Sorochyntsi Fair Team
City: Poltava
Country: Ukraine

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