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Petrykivka Towel Project | On 24.03-04.05.2016 | National Reserve Kiev Sophia

Petrykivka Towel Project | On 24.03-04.05.2016 | National Reserve Kiev Sophia

On - in National Reserve Kiev Sophia will take place Petrykivka Towel Project - exhibition of more than 300 paintings and household items with Petrykivka painting.

Petrykivka Towel Project is an art project of Association of Folk Art of Ukraine especially created to show traditional painting in the context of modern traditional culture of Ukraine.

Since ancient times the towel (rushnik) is the most important symbol of attributes of Slavic and Ukrainian culture. Towel accompanying person at all stages of its life and is intended to bring good, abundance, health and protect against adversity.

Petrykivka Towel is unique because paints are superimposed on canvas using traditional tools of painting - brush, fingers of painter and more. Embroidered flowers turn into painted onion, cornflower, mallow, viburnum.

Painted towel has the same symbolic ritual and mythological significance as embroidered towel because it is created by all traditional canons of color, composition and symbolism. But it gets a new look thanks to Petrykivka ornaments and special painting technique.

At Petrykivka Towel Project will be presented the following exhibits:

- Paintings on paper
- Towels and scarves painted by Petrykivka design
- Paintings on canvas
- Wood plates
- Wood furniture
- Chests
- Porcelain with Petrykivka design
- Embroidered clothing with Petrykivka ornament
- Photo project about usual life of Petrykivka village
- Petrykivka paintings and wood products of private collections

Also there will befashion show of clothes decorated with Petrykivka ornaments. In the show will be attended by citizens of Ukraine, France, Moldova, India, Indonezi, Belgium, Japan, Portugal, Georgia, Vietnam, Burkina Faso who come on podium in clothes with elements of Petrykivka paintings.

At the opening of the project will be held free master class for anyone wishing to learn how to draw Petrykivka paintings. For visitors of the exhibition will perform ethnic group "Shabatura".


- Halyna Nazarenko (Petrykivka)
- Tamara Vakulenko (Kharkiv)
- Alexander Vakulenko (Kharkiv)
- Igor Lisniy (Petrykivka)
- Natalia Stativa-Zharko (Bila Zerkva)
- Elena Yarmolyuk (Petrykivka)
- Lyudmila Horbulya
- Alexander Opariy (Lviv)
- Tatiana Harkava (Dnipropetrovsk)
- Students of Dnipropetrovsk theatrical art college by specialty "Arts and crafts"


- Maria Savoskula
- Sergey Korovaynyy

Organizers of Petrykivka Towel Project

Association of Folk Art of Ukraine
City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine

Petrykivka Painting | Exhibition in Kiev | Video
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