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Opishnya Pottery Festival | On 25th of June 2016 | Poltava Region

Opishnya Pottery Festival | On 25th of June 2016 | Poltava Region

On in Opishnya village of Poltava region will be held Pottery Festival with goal of revival of pottery traditions and present creative clay works of Ukrainian artists.

Pottery Festival Main Events

- International Art Fair "Pottery Universe in Ukraine 2016"
- National blacksmith festival "Vakulafest"
- National Festival and Competition of Pottery Body Painting "Body Ceramic Fest Ukraine"
- Folk Festival
- Pottery workshops
- Forging workshops
- Auction of contemporary art ceramics "CeramOlimp"
- Different competitions and children's entertainment
- Ethno fleshmob
- Ethno disco

Special Opishnya Tours:

- National Museum of Ukrainian Pottery in Opishnya
- Memorial Museum-Estate of pottery master Alexandra Selyuchenko
- Memorial Museum-Estate of pottery masters of family Poshyvaylo
- Memorial Museum-Estate philosopher and collector of Opishnya ceramics Leonid Smorzh
- Museum of art family Krychevsky
- Art gallery

Pottery Festival Tickets

Adult ticket: 40 UAH (around 2 US dollars)
Children ticket: 20 UAH (around 1 US dollars)

Organizer of Pottery Festival

Center of Spiritual Culture of National Museum of Ukrainian Pottery in Opishnya
City: Opishnya
Country: Ukraine

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