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Odessa Humorina | On 31.03-01.04.2016 | Procession of clowns
New art sculpture Maman installed in front of Odessa restaurant

On - will take place Odessa Humorina - traditional festival of humor and satire.

In these days Odessa visitors and tourists has a great opportunity to take part in variety of activities. Among them - open day at "International Club of Odessans", humorous performances of creative Odessa teams, "Clown-Marathon" with clowns from 12 countries of the world (Chile, Israel, Switzerland, Japan, Armenia, Spain, Poland, Belarus and others) and a procession of clowns on streets of the city.

Odessa Humorina activities will be held at several areas of the city, the main - Odessa City Garden and area near Monument to Duke Richelieu where will set large scene.

It is expected that Odessa City Garden will become a big stage on which will be organized an interactive show with participation of creative teams and guests. For Odessa Humorina will be prepared installations "Eight Wonders of Odessa", organized humorous photo zone and quests. Carnival costumes are not prohibited.

Co-organizer of the festival is theater "Masky Show" which will open the even by a large-scale show.

On 31st of March 2016 at 13:00 in House of Clowns will be held grand openning of festival Odessa Humorina.

On 1st April 2016 will take place traditional procession of clowns with a visit of Odessa City Garden, Duma Square and area near Monument to Duke Richelieu.

During celebration of Odessa Humorina City Garden will host Odessa Festival of Laughing. This is a festival of Odessa flavor, originality, unique humor and tolerance.

The goal of this event is to present all spheres, layers, national and cultural diversity, all corners and courtyards of unique Odessa. All invited to come for laugh, have fun, joking and relax outdoors with the whole family.

The program includes concerts, performances, photo zones, interactive contests and quizzes, quest "12 chairs", thematic photo ehxibition, flash mob dance, fair of hand made "Everything was done in Odessa", culinary fair "According to recipes of Aunt Rose".

It will also set a record of Ukraine and Odessa on the concentration of humor per square meter.

Organizers of Odessa Humorina

Odessa City Council
City: Odessa
Country: Ukraine

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