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Odessa reenactors built historical ship of Mycenaean civilization

Odessa reenactors built historical ship of Mycenaean civilization

Odessa reenactors finished building of historical ship named Kadm of Mycenaean civilization II millennium BC and performed navigation tests on Kagul lake near Reni.

Reconstruction carried out on basis of a few images on ceramics as well as on information about wood technology in a given culture. The ship is named in honor of cultural hero Cadmus.

Similar boats used by Achaeans in the war against Troy.

The crew of Kadm ship is 12 people: 10 paddlers, helmsman and watchman. Feature of Kadm ship is the lack of curved wooden elements because this way historically build ships in II millennium BC. The ship sails 2-3 knots under sail and 1.5 knots rowing by oars.

Wooden snag is figurehead and in the form of snake as the snake - a symbol of Cadmus. For Mycenaean civilization has been a use of roughly processed snags as decorative elements.

In 2017 the team reenactors leading by Odessa historian and expert on ancient seafaring Igor Melnik plan to sail by ship Kadm from Serbian Belgrade down the Danube river to Black Sea.

Projects of Odessa Maritime History Studies Center

Bireme "Ivlya"
By bireme "Ivlya" was made six amazing voyages in Black and Mediterranean Seas, Bay of Biscay, English Channel, rivers and canals of France. The ship has passed a difficult way from Odessa to Paris.

Polakr "Odessa"
Trips of polakr Odessa" was held in Black Sea, Danube, Main and Rhine rivers. On the ship was small navy museum that saw residents of Austria, Germany and Holland. Polakr Odessa" visited a partner city of Odessa - Regensburg, participated in celebration of 1200 anniversary of Frankfurt, 750-year-old city of Haarlem, maritime festival "Sail-95" in Amsterdam.

Phoenician merchant ship "Melkart"
Phoenician merchant ship "Melkart" was taken to France for festival "Brest 2000" and sail in Bay of Biscay. First sailing of the ship was near coast of France and Spain.

Dugout "Odisseus"
Dugout was named "Odisseus" after the king of Ithaca. The route of the ship has been traced from center of Europe on Danube River to Black Sea and after that in Sea of Marmara and Aegean Sea.

Ladya "Anna Yaroslavna"
In 2010 Maritime History Studies Center developed the project of reconstruction of old Kievan Rus boat "Anna Yaroslavna". The ladya have the following dimensions: length - 12.5 meters, width - 2.4 meters, height - 1.6 meters, 10 oars, a mast carrying sail with area of 25 square meters, crew of 12 people, material - oak, spruce and acacia. In 2016 Ladya "Anna Yaroslavna" was presented at International Festival of Vintage Sailing Ships "Brest 2016" in France.


Odessa Maritime History Studies Center
Country: Ukraine

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