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Medzhybizh Bike Festival | On 1st-3rd of May 2016 in Medzhybizh Castle

Medzhybizh Bike Festival | On 1st-3rd of May 2016 in Medzhybizh Castle

On - of May 2016 in Medzhybizh Castle will take place Medzhybizh Bike Festival - moto meeting for all those who love freedom and motorcycles.

Medzhybizh Bike Festival Program

01.05.2016, Sunday

17:00 - meeting of old and new friends.Dinner
19:00 - performance of Maya Onischuk (violin, world rock hits) (Khmelnitsky)
20:00 - performance of Dead Memories (Zhytomyr)
21:00 - movie about Mezhybizh
21:30 - movie of a picnic "Moto Mezhybozhe 2015" and film about festival "Ancient Medzhybizh"
21:50 - performance of dancer Selena in tribal style (Khmelnitsky)
22:00 - performance of F.R.A.M. (Kiev)
Next - a free program: songs around the campfire, meeting new people, chat with old friends and if anyone there - you can sing on stage!

02.05.2016, Monday

10:00 - 11:00 - breakfast
11:30 - 12:00 - tour of Medzhybizh region sights and attractions by single column. The route includes Letichiv town which will visit a number of interesting historical places - old Orthodox and Jewish cemetery where buried the leader of peasant uprisings in Ukraine - Ustym Karmelyuk and tomb of victims of Letychiv concentration camp during Second World War, old Catholic cemetery with a memorial-museum of Poles who died around Letichev in First World War, visit Catholic church, Sanctuary and restored tower of ancient Potocki castle, next visit the famous Letichev fish market where could buy pile of fish. On the way home there will be a visit to Gol village and rehabilitation camp for people with disabilities and slowly return to Medzhybizh where near the ruins of the old church there will be another tour. Next back to Medzhybizh castle
15:00 - walking Quest game for everyone to walk Medzhybizh and search tips and treasures
16:00 - performance of SV-Project (Kamyanets-Podilskiy)
17:00 - different competitions
18:00 - performance of Vidrovy Doly (Khmelnytsky)
19:00 - continuing competition program
19:30 - performance of Black Cat Bone (Kiev)
21:00 - more competitions
21:30 - striptease
22:00 - performance of group BEAST (Zaporizhzhya)

03.05.2016, Tuesday

10:00 - 11:00 Breakfast

A nice bonus for visitors of Medzhybizh Bike Festival will be work of on-site tattoo studio and body piercing studio.

Medzhybizh Bike Festival Tickets

1 ticket male: 250 UAH (around 10 US dollars)
1 ticket female: 100 UAH (around 4 US dollars)
1 ticket for a girl driving a motorcycle: for free!

In a registration package includes: magnet, sticker, food (Friday - dinner, Saturday and Sunday - breakfast), Becher glass, Easter egg, Easter and excellent festive mood.

Organizers of Medzhybizh Bike Festival

Medzhybizh Bike Festival Team
City: Medzhybizh
Country: Ukraine

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