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Program of Lviv Tourism Development 2016 - 2022

Program of Lviv Tourism Development 2016 - 2022

On 2nd of February 2016 Lviv City Council approved Program of Lviv Tourism Development 2016 - 2022 - the key document that shows priorities of city progress in the future.

In the program tourism was identified as a priority strategic key. Number of tourists visiting Lviv growing every year with openning of new hotels and restaurants, new city tours and large number of festivals let the city improves its brand on Ukrainian and World arenas.

According to market research and opinion polls in 2015 Lviv was visited by about 2 million tourists. It is mainly people aged 26 to 35 years old. Over 70 percent of tourists who visit Lviv are tourists from other Ukrainian cities like Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Odesa while the foreign tourists come from countries such as Poland, Germany, Belarus, USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Austria, Turkey, Netherlands.

Lviv remains high index of tourist attraction. For example in September 2015 it was 4.72 (on a 5-point scale). Visitors highly appreciated the level of security in Lviv - 91.6 percent of domestic and 85.8 percent among foreign tourists feel safe here.

The amount of tourist tax which came to Lviv budget in 2015 is 2 586 400 UAH (around 96 000 US dollars).

Almost 70 percent of visitors (68.2 percent - domestic tourists, 78.7 percent - foreign tourists) came to Lviv for rest and leisure. With the development of hotel infrastructure, opening of new air transportation increasing the potential of business tourism in Lviv.

Carrying important sports, travel, cultural and promotional events allowed Lviv significantly increase its tourist brand in the domestic and international markets.

Main Tasks of Program of Lviv Tourism Development 2016 - 2022

- Development of effective management of tourism industry
- Improving the brand of Lviv as a tourist center and center for business events and meetings
- Improving the infrastructure for tourism industry and provide modern tourist navigation in Lviv
- Increasing professional level of employees in the hospitality branch of the city
- Creating a comfortable and safe environment for tourists and visitors
- Promotion of tourism potential of Lviv on national and international levels to increase tourist flows and period of stay of tourists in the city
- Collaboration and support initiatives of NGOs and other members of tourism cluster for development of tourism industry
- Organization and coordination of attractive events for tourists
- Ensuring participation in international programs and projects for development of tourism, organization of international cooperation in tourism
- Promoting Lviv to new tourist markets
- Promotion of innovative pilot projects and trends in tourism

Financial support for Program of Lviv Tourism Development 2016 - 2022 is carried out within appropriations provided for Lviv budget. In 2016 for the program provided funds in amount of 2 950 000 UAH (around 110 000 US dollars).

Activities of Program of Lviv Tourism Development 2016 - 2022

- Participation in international tourism events (exhibitions, conferences, forums, seminars) in target markets and future organization of their conduct in Lviv
- Organization of events and presentations in cities in Ukraine and abroad aimed to spread knowledge about Lviv, its historical and cultural heritage, tourism potential
- Study tours for representatives and delegations of tourism industry and media of Ukraine and abroad
- Development and implementation of promotional campaigns (media, airlines, tour operators, bloggers, representatives of Ukraine abroad, international organizations, municipalities)
- Research and market analysis
- Development, production, acquisition tourist information, promotional printing and souvenirs, video and photographs
- Promotion of new competitive tourism products
- Development of business of hospitality
- Promoting competition of socio-cultural NGO projects in tourism and support other initiatives representatives of tourism cluster
- Exchange of social advertising with other cities, towns, regions in Ukraine and abroad
- Coordination and operation of a network of Lviv Tourist Information Centers
- Development of program "Tourism Barometer" - a monthly counting the number of tourists on base of data of representatives of tourism industry of the city, online booking accommodation establishments, tourist services
- Continued implementation of multilingual marking and navigation system in Lviv
- Improved tourist offers of Lviv
- Promoting and improvement of facilities of mass tourists
- Creation of favorable conditions for development of sports and health, recreation and medical, architectural, cultural, historical and natural heritage tourism
- Promotion of children, youth, family and other pilgrimage tourism
- Coordination of professional conferences, forums, round tables, competitions
- Awards for members of tourism cluster
- Accessibility to tourist sights and attractions including people with disabilities
- Improvement parking of tourist transport
- Attracting new transport connections to Lviv
- Cross-border cooperation projects
- Cooperation with international organizations to promote the city to target and potential markets
- Cooperation with international organizations and professional associations to exchange experiences and implement projects

Organizer of Program of Lviv Tourism Development 2016 - 2022

Lviv City Council
Lviv City Center
Lviv, Ukraine

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