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Chernobyl and Pripyat are new destination of Hydrofoil Polissya-1 in 2017

Chernobyl and Pripyat are new destination of Hydrofoil Polissya-1 in 2017

On 22nd of October 2016 Hydrofoil Polissya-1 made the first tour to estuary of Pripyat River with aim in 2017 start navigation on route Kiev - Chernobyl - Pripyat.

Update! Nevka 6 Hydrofoil Tours start on 03.08.2019 on Kyiv - Mezhyhirya Route

This tour was the first since navigation of hydrofoils on Pripyat River stopped because of liquidation of Chernobyl accident in 1986.

Currently Chernobyl River Port in preserved and can be used for navigation. Pripyat River Port is not available due to the dam that was built at the end of August 1986 to limit water exchange between Pripyat Old Gulf and Pripyat River.

Therefore for transfer of tourists to Pripyat is necessary to build a new river port in one of bays of Pripyat River. Among the most promising places is construction of marina in Kosharivka village that is 10 km from Pripyat.

Most likely at initial stage transfer of tourists will be organize from Kiev to Chernobyl River Port by Hydrofoil Polissya-1 and then to Pripyat by tourist bus. Distance between Chernobyl and Pripyat is only 20 km so one way trip by bus takes about 20 minutes. As a result one-way combination transfer Kiev - Pripyat by the hydrofoil and the bus will be around 4 hours.

History of Navigation between Kiev, Chernobyl and Pripyat

In early 60's of last century Kiev and Chernobyl was connected by steamship river line. In the evening steamship went from Chernobyl and in the morning arrived in Kiev.

In late 60's - early 70's began river traffic of hydrofoils Raketa, Meteor and Voskhod to Chernobyl from Kiev. Then dredger deepening of the bottom of Pripyat Old Galf let built Pripyat River Port in the harbor which the locals called "Plate" because of its circular shape.

On "Plate" hydrofoils Raketa, Meteor and Voskhod unfolded in a circle and moored to quay wall of Pripyat River Port. Fluctuations of Pripyat river level reached 2 meters and this caused inconvenience when boarding and disembarking passengers. Passengers had to go from the first deck or sometimes the second deck of hydrofoil while women sailors passing the handle as the slope of ramp was very steep. This situation has existed for a long time utill in the mid 70's has been installed a floating pier that fix all problems.

In the beginning from Kiev to Pripyat went hydrofoils Raketa then Voskhod. When Pripyat passenger traffic rose and capacity of hydrofoils Raketa and Voskhod was not enough in the early 80's to Pripyat from Kiev began to operate hydrofoils Meteor. Hydrofoils Raketa in Pripyat came mainly stopovers on their route Kiev - Mazyr (Belarus) - Kiev.

Trip by hydrofoils Meteor from Kiev to Chernobyl and Pripyat was very comfortable and pleasant especially in summer heat. The bus was traveling from Kiev to Pripyat during 3 hours and by hydrofoils Meteor it takes 4 hours. Ticket for hydrofoils Meteor cost - 5 Soviet rubles and the bus - 3 Soviet rubles. But still despite the difference in the price of 2 rubles most of passengers prefer to take a tour by hydrofoils Meteor.

Timetable of Hydrofoils Kiev - Chernobyl - Pripyat in 70's-80's

Kiev - 08:00
Teremtsy - 10:00-10:05
Vidumka - 10:30-10:35
Plyutovische - 11:00-11:05
Chernobyl - 11:30-11:35
Pripyat - 12:00

Such cruises was three per day and when passenger traffic increased number of cruises was five - not including cruises of hydrofoils Raketa by route Kiev-Mazyr (Belarus) - Kiev.

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Organizers of Kiev - Chernobyl - Pripyat Transfers

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