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National Park Oleshky Sands reopened Eco Trail Oleshky Desert for tourists

National Park Oleshky Sands reopened Eco Trail Oleshky Desert for tourists

On in National Park Oleshky Sands was reopened Eco Trail Oleshky Desert for tourists of Kherson city and Kherson region.

Route of Eco Trail Oleshky Desert starts from the highest point of National Park Oleshky Sands which let tourists enjoy amazing views of sands dunes. On golden sand hills steppe vegetation is seen and bottomless blue sky in Oleshky Desert gives quietness and an unforgettable experience.

Now tourists and visitors of National Park Oleshky Sands could look at amazing landscape of sand dunes that move slowly and often change shape under influence of wind and rain. Desert, dunes and mounds is an unusual work of nature in the park.

Oleshky Desert has its mood depending on weather conditions. It is a cozy place where tourists can relax. Nature of Oleshky Sands especially beautiful at sunrise and sunset.

In Oleshky Sands there is the largest in Lower Dnieper array of birch grove. They formed a unique view of Dnieper birch which is included in Red Book of Ukraine.

On the route of Eco Trail Oleshky Desert can be viewed main types of vegetation and animals of National Park Oleshky Sands. Peculiarity and uniqueness of the eco trail is in combination of sands and wetland biodiversity.

For each tourist the beauty of mother nature is the most and beauty of Oleshky Sands is unforgettable!

Organizers of Eco Trail Oleshky Desert

National Park Oleshky Sands
City: Kherson
Country: Ukraine

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