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Electric Vehicle Bumblebee Roadster presented in Kryvyi Rih

Electric Vehicle Bumblebee Roadster presented in Kryvyi Rih

On 17th of June 2016 in Kryvyi Rih presented new Electric Vehicle Bumblebee Roadster made in Ukraine - low speed (up to 50 km/h), low cost battery charging, mileage (about 60 km) is positioned as an urban electric vehicle.

Electric Vehicle Bumblebee Roadster is friendly to environment and quiet that allow to use it in enclosed areas, stadiums and tourism resort areas.

The Bumblebee Roadster ride on two wheels and it gives a lot of pleasure. This feature makes it extremely manoeuvrable - turns on the site, driving forward and reverse, parking in a small areas. The dimensions of electric vehicle (1.2 x 1.15 x 1.75 meters) - allow to store it in a small garage.

Learning to ride on this electric vehicle is comparable with learning to ride a bicycle. The only difference is that on bike need to keep balance with the help of speed and body tilts but Electric Vehicle Bumblebee Roadster holds the balance by himself. The driver needs only a few times to practice to switch EV from parking mode to riding mode.

A few minutes need to get used to steering control. When EV stands in place then to move it a turn on the spot - one wheel starts to rotate in one direction and the other in opposite direction. If driver want to move forward or backward one wheel is braked more and other is more accelerated. By increasing the speed of movement steering response decreases logarithmically. This is done so driver can not do a sharp turn at the high speed and made smooth turns.

Availability of training rear wheels creates protection against electric vehicle tipping backwards. In fact rear wheels are almost never used - it is just for learning and safety of driver.

Electric Vehicle Bumblebee Roadster Specifications

Length: 1.15 meters
Width: 1.2 meters
Height: 1.75 meters
Weight: 130 kg
Clearance: 0.15 meters
Numebr of seats: 2 seats
On-board voltage: 24-48 V
Mileage on a single charge: 60 km
Maximum speed: 50 km/h
Battery recharge time: 10 hours (normal charge), 2.5 hour (fast charge)
Engine power: 10 KW
Maximum angle of ascent: 10 degrees
Number of battery recharge cycles: 1200 cycles

Producer of Electric Vehicle Bumblebee Roadster

Centroplast Factory
Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine

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